modulemd.buildopts package


modulemd.buildopts.base module

class modulemd.buildopts.base.ModuleBuildoptsBase[source]

Bases: object

A base class for definining component build options.

modulemd.buildopts.rpms module

class modulemd.buildopts.rpms.ModuleBuildoptsRPMs(macros='')[source]

Bases: modulemd.buildopts.base.ModuleBuildoptsBase

A buildopts class for handling RPM content build options.


A string property representing the additional RPM macros that should be used for this module build.

Module contents

class modulemd.buildopts.ModuleBuildopts[source]

Bases: object

Class representing component build options.


A ModuleBuildoptsRPMs instance representing the RPM specific module-wide build options.